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Contiki is a Holistic Business Intelligence System allowing the creation of BI Models using your data and following your characterization in order to build Views and Reports that match your requirements.


Contiki is a holistic and scalable Business Intelligence system. It allows to create multiple and varied Business Intelligence models derived from multiple and varied data sources.

Contiki takes care of all BI phases

Data Entry:

The system provides plug-ins to all common data sources. It allows the merging of data from multiple sources into one business model while at the same time performing data integrity operations using advanced data editing tools.

Data Organization:

The system provides a unique interface to manage Metadata; Dimensions and Hierarchies, in a simple and intuitive manner.

Viewing Capabilities:

Contiki utilizes the well known Excel interface while at the same time significantly enhancing Excel and Power Pivot capabilities. It uses In-Memory technology and supports an unlimited number of viewer seats, Online and Over the Web, utilizing a simple and secure credential management setup.

Cloud, Server or PC:

Contiki is very scalable. It can work on a PC, and organizational servers or run on Contiki's dedicated Cloud-on-Demand Server.

Implementation & Operation:

Contiki provides implementation services. Clients can choose to operate the system by themselves or benefit from on-going professional service by Contiki experts.

A Startup Nation product:

Contiki is 100% Made in Israel.


Uriel Ilan
Founder & CEO

Uriel is the "human engine" that drives Contiki. He has over 20 years of experience helping businesses understand and make the most out of their data through the use of a business intelligence system. He holds a BSC, Economics and Management from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

Mikael Gosen

Mikael has many years of software architecture and development experience. He has deep knowledge of generations of software systems, and is always up-to-date and “Hands-on” with recent advancements. At Contiki he has intimate familiarity with the system, from the general set up and down to each and every line of code.

Smadar Klein
Implementation Specialist

Smadar is a Certified Accountant. She specialized for over 20 years in implementing financial and logistic information systems. At Contiki she instructs and assists all customers in the southern half of the country.  

Laura Bandurek
Implementation Specialist

Laura is flaunt in three languages and holds a BSc and MSc in Chemistry. At Contiki she leads the Cloud Initiative and provides support for customers at the central and northern half of the country.  

Michal Anaki
Office Manager

Michal has been Contiki's office manager for many years. She is responsible for business accounts and the administrative management of the company.  


Hundreds of Businesses rely on Contiki for their reporting, data analyses and business intelligence. Our customers come from numerous fields of business and are of varying size, but they all have one thing in common - their management understands how an effective BI tool like Contiki can help them grow and manage their business.

Contiki has had a long relationship with the The Kibbutz Movement (unique Israeli collective settlements). The majority of Israeli Kibbutzim are Contiki Customers.

Listed here are some, but far from all, of our long time happy customers. Customer references available upon request. Contact us to learn more.











Kibbutzim College

(Municipal Services)


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